May calls in troops to hide her weakness and blame #GE17


Labour supporters have been holding back from campaigning today out of respect for the victims of last night’s atrocity and their families. Theresa May’s announcement tonight that she is putting troops on the streets means that there can be no further holding back.

May’s call to suspend campaigning until Sunday was never anything more than cover. It allowed her to monopolise soundbites of Cobra meetings and threat levels to shore up her crumbling image, while her attack dogs in the media spout nonsense about Corbyn or publish crass and disgusting cartoons in complete disregard for morality or for the feelings of those affected by last night’s tragedy.

But the decision to call in the army to cover her own culpability cannot be borne in silence. It’s too little. Too late. Too blatant.

stable.pngThe Tories – on May‘s watch as Home Secretary – have cut almost 20,000

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