Who created fake accounts to frame Jeremy Corbyn?


labsaleh dan reid indonesia nick griffin supporter threatens to blow me up for being a gay zionist

In the above tweets a fake Muslim account – one of many set up by the same white Christian Nick Griffin supporter – used an image of dynamite to tell me that ‘Soon’ I’ll be blown to smithereens along with a list of other people he doesn’t much like, including one other Corbyn supporter who devoted a lot of time to exposing the individual behind these fake accounts.

In the tweet directly above this death threat he explains that I and others are to be murdered for being ‘gays’ ‘Tories’ and ‘Zionists’. He attempts to threaten me in the name of both Allah and also – even less convincingly – of Jeremy Corbyn.

In the last couple of days most of his fake accounts set up specifically to frame Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters have been exposed by others. At least one of the names on these blogs was news…

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The Real reason thousands die waiting for benefits

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‘Real reason thousands die waiting for benefits – and why DWP must fix it now’
Labour MP Madeleine Moon revealed 17,000 sick and disabled people died waiting for a decision on a PIP claim. Here she writes about why she believes the problem exists – and how she’s trying to fix it

17,000 sick and disabled people died waiting for a decision on a PIP claim

Among all the Brexit furore, unfortunately, other important information and news can be easily overlooked. A reply to a Parliamentary Question I tabled revealed thousands of sick and disabled people have died while waiting for the DWP to make a decision on their benefits claim.

Between April 2013 and April 2018, the government’s own data shows that 17,070 people died after registering a claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – but before the DWP had made a decision on the claim.

These figures demonstrate, now…

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PIP appeal left disabled man ‘stressed and humiliated’

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An east Belfast man who has a long-term lung condition has been “humiliated” by a seven-month battle for Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Reggie Duff, 66, has severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and a lung function of just 27%. He had feared losing his long-term disability benefit in July after being turned down for PIP – a replacement for Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Last week he was told his benefit would be reinstated after winning an appeal. More than 40% of DLA claimants in NI had their benefit cut or stopped when they were reassessed for PIP.

The Department for Communities said that 9% of the 160,000 PIP decisions in Northern Ireland have been appealed, with just over 2% of those appeals being successful.

Mr Duff is one of 12,375 people who have lodged an appeal for PIP since its introduction in August 2016. Speaking to BBC News NI, he said he…

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Theresa May considering scrapping Human Rights Act following Brexit

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humanrightsThe prime minister is to consider repealing the Human Rights Act after Brexit, despite promising she is “committed” to its protections, a minister has revealed. This is, after all, a government that has always tended to regard the human rights of some social groups as nothing more than a bureaucratic inconvenience.

The House of Lords EU Justice Sub-Committee has exchanged correspondence with the Government about clarifying the wording of the Political Declaration regarding the European Convention on Human Rights. 

There is no justification for editing or repealing the Human Rights Act itself, that would make Britain the first European country to regress in the level and degree of our human rights protection. It is through times of recession and times of affluence alike that our rights ought to be the foundation of our society, upon which the Magna Carta, the Equality Act and the Human Rights Act were built – protecting the most…

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