‘Real-life Daniel Blake’ barrister blasts legal aid cuts following tribunal win

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A barrister representing a ‘real life Daniel Blake’ has attacked the government’s legal aid cuts after her client successfully challenged a decision by the Department for Work & Pensions, made 19 months ago, that he was fit for work.

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Mary-Rachel McCabe, of London’s Doughty Street Chambers, tweeted this afternoon that the Social Security Tribunal allowed Tony Rice’s appeal ‘on the spot’.

McCabe acted pro bono for Rice. She said: ‘Tony’s words after the hearing were “I shouldn’t have had to go through this in the first place”. He has had this hanging over his head for 19 months, and it has taken its toll on his mental health. I am obviously delighted for Tony but I am also heartbroken at the state of our “welfare” system.

‘What I said in 2017 is still true today. Our benefits system is cruel and inhumane, and it is a disgrace that legal aid…

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Disabled mum’s heartbreaking last words before taking own life as DWP stop benefits

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Former shop assistant Jodey Whiting had her benefits stopped for missing an appointment when she had pneumonia.

The family of Jodey Whiting who had made an official complaint to the DWP

The last words Jodey Whiting said to her mum were, “I love you, I’m going to go to sleep, Mam.” The next day her mum, Joy Dove, would discover Jodey’s body, surrounded by farewell notes to the family she doted on.

A loving and kind mother-of-nine , Jodey had multiple physical and mental health issues, including ­curvature of the spine and a brain cyst. A former shop assistant from Stockton-on-Tees, she took 23 tablets each day, including morphine, for the crippling pain which left her barely able to even crawl from her home.

But Jodey’s benefits had been stopped for missing an appointment when she had pneumonia. The DWP has since been found to have broken its own rules amid “multiple failings”…

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#StopTheLetter: You can NOW stop misleading DWP ‘Fit for Work (ESA65B) letters going to your GP

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Actions you can take NOW

Option 1: When completing every ESA50 form – #DoNotConsent
Option 2: Writing to the DWP after every ESA50 form submitted and or WCA undertaken
Option 2.1: If you are claiming Universal Credit
3: If I am found ‘fit for work’ and do not win a challenge against the decision, why should I keep asking for ‘fit notes’ from my GP?
4: Resources

Option 1:When completing every ESA50 form – #DoNotConsent

On page 21 add the statement:

I DO NOT agree to my doctor or any doctor treating me,
being informed about the Secretary of State’s
determination on– limited capability for work
– limited capability for work-related activity,
or– both

Then go to the “Declaration” on page 22 and for the text:

“I agree to my doctor or any doctor treating me,
being informed about the Secretary of State’s determination on
– limited capability for…

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