Child benefit should be raised to £50 per child per week

I'm a JSA Claimant

Child Benefit has been changing lives for over 70 years. Eleanor Rathbone’s idea that mothers should be paid for the work of bearing and raising children was radical in its time – and an inspiration to campaigners today.

But now we need to be more radical. Carers UK say that their members save the government £132 billion a year. With millions of families facing a catastrophic loss of income due to the coronavirus many people are now calling for abasic income. If we can consider UBI then it is not a stretch to paying parents a decent income for the work they are doing bringing up children.

This is something that can be done quickly and efficiently. It would immediately get money to families, with no waits, no complex claim forms and no new administration. All it needs is the Chancellor to sign it off and a…

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I haven’t seen my family for 10 weeks

Govt Newspeak

I haven’t seen my son for 10 weeks [who lives in Birmingham], due to the lockdown and the fact my husband is high risk, my [youngest] daughter got my shopping and left it at the door, my [eldest] daughter I saw her once because she asked if she could loan the lawn mower [she’d moved into a new house in feb from a flat] because she couldn’t buy one, I put the mower on the front and she took it and went. Apart from that occasion I haven’t seen my [eldest] daughter or granddaughter.

Imagine my anger when I and millions more have obeyed the lockdown and you have those telling us what to do, doing the opposite!

Feel free to comment about your lockdown experiences below.

Dominic Cummings: the unaccountable elite – The Guardian. Boris Johnson’s absurd defence of his adviser shows his contempt for the public

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Ever get…

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