DWP Assessors -Bloody Money for Disabled Lives


There are times when I despair especially when the headline screams another claimant has died because they have been wrongly assessed and denied their entitlement to social security. The Disability movement has lost some really good campaigners In recent times, as have those who have lost loved ones to the Covid Incompetence of this government with its DNR and care home debacle.

However there maybe some light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been scouring social media and come across some who either work in NHS and left by the lure of better money to become assessors or those who hated it and went back to NHS due to the barbarity of the job they left for. While the Government boasts of its recruitment of work coaches it has a real issue with keeping staff because the job is one of the shittiest anyone could every do. Why…

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