Malcontent Labour MPs Expose Their True Fears – Corbyn Might Win!

Turning the Tide

You say you [malcontent Labour MPs] believe that Jeremy Corbyn is a disaster on a stick, supported by a deluded membership who are happily sleepwalking toward electoral annihilation. Let’s assume for arguments sake that I believe you. Then let me go one step further and actually pretend to be you.

If I was convinced Corbyn was a walking disaster, propped up by a deluded membership, I would never tweet contemptuous tweets about Corbyn. Why? Because I’d know it would cement support for his leadership amongst the members. I’d never let anyone accuse me of preferring to publicly kick the leader than attack the Tories. I wouldn’t want to reinforce my reputation as a supporter of Tory policy, or remind the members of my support for Tory austerity and Privatisation; things that had driven them into the arms of Corbyn in the first place.


If I was genuinely disappointed by Corbyn’s…

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Open Letter To The Bitterite PLP Plotters From An Exasperated, Angry Labour Member

Turning the Tide


If you spend much more time whispering in darkened corners, you’ll end up looking like Gollum from Lord of the rings. You already sound like him. ‘It’s our precious…..those sneaky members can’t have it.’


Unfortunately your whispering and plotting doesn’t stay in those dark corners. Even before Jeremy won, you were undermining him loudly and publicly; pledging not to serve in his shadow cabinet, referring to him as ‘hard left’ and labelling his supporters as mad, bad or in need of a heart transplant. We’ve given up hope you’ll put the party before your bitterness. And ‘thanks’ to your electorally toxic antics amplified by an anti-Corbyn media, some people have given up hope of electoral success. But we haven’t given up on Jeremy, or socialism.

That’s why you’ve had to come up with this new plan, to gather anti-Corbyn data whilst canvassing to ‘prove’ that Corbyn is losing us votes.

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The Mood Among Corbyn Supporters

Turning the Tide

This week, The Guardian conducted a survey to ascertain ‘the mood among Labour supporters’. The piece starts with a gloomy  sentence, ‘Membership of the Labour Party is expected to fall below half a million for the first time since its peak under Jeremy Corbyn,’ which gives us an immediate insight into the type of fish they are hoping to scoop into the survey’s net. Couple that with the fact all Corbyn supporters are painfully aware of the Guardian’s anti-Corbyn stance and you can understand why Corbyn supporters would view this survey – fairly or unfairly -with a certain degree of cynicism. I know because I was one of them.

When people shared the link to the survey in pro-Corbyn FB groups the reaction was mixed, but leaned toward the negative. But the one response which jumped out at me, was from a woman who said, ‘if we all refuse to…

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