Labour Party Manifesto: ignore the scaremongering; the electoral choice is status quo/client state – or social democracy

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The content of the 14 anti-Corbyn articles published in the Murdoch Times today (post Manifesto) went unread, in favour of one of the four accounts in the Financial Times.

The FT notes that whereas previous Labour leaders, from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, accepted the market economy, the ‘hard-left clique around Jeremy Corbyn’ do not.

It acknowledges that the manifesto identifies areas that genuinely need fixing:

  • Though the Conservatives returned to power in 2010, real wageshave still not returned to their pre-crisis peak.
  • Homelessnesshas risen.
  • Basic public services such as the criminal justice system, social care and local government are dire.
  • Privatised water and rail companies are not delivering for users.
  • Large parts of the population feel excluded from the bright spots of prosperity, mainly in the south-east.

The FT refers to the ‘vast expansion of the state’.

But the nationalisation proposals would, in most cases…

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