Guido praises SKWAWKBOX, promotes #MayIsAThreat message #GE17


Arch-Tory site Guide Fawkes has, if inadvertently, given the SKWAWKBOX high praise – and helped spread awareness that Theresa May is a threat to the safety and wellbeing of all of us and our children.

This morning, this blog published an articleholding Theresa May responsible for the awful consequences of the draconian series of cuts she, as Home Secretary, and her party inflicted on the security and emergency services we all rely on for our safety.

She is responsible:

  • it happened on herwatch
  • she was warnedby the experts andthe heads of armed and police services that her cuts compromised their ability to keep the UK safe
  • she ignored them and continued to claim the massive cuts would have no impact on performance
  • her Home Secretary has consistently refused to rule out further cuts

Here was Guido’s ‘take’ on the article:

guido 240517.pngComing from an arch-enemy of the…

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