Andrew Murray, “Keir Starmer remains the Tories’ useful idiot.”

Tendance Coatesy

Corbyn's ex-Communist top adviser is banned from entering the Ukraine for  three years | Daily Mail Online

Andrew Murray, pillar of the ‘Super Tankie’ Faction Straight Left (1), long time stalwart of the Communist Party of Britain, Brexit ultra, ‘Labour’ member and top Corbyn adviser writes,

Starmer has, however, done Stop the War a favour.He draws attention to the fact that on all the major conflicts of this century – the 20-year disaster in Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the intervention in Libya in 2011 – the Labour leader has proved to be wrong, along with most of his MPs, while the Stop the War Coalition has been vindicated.

The Labour leader’s attack on Stop the War shows he has learned nothing from the calamities of Blairism.

Keir Starmer remains the Tories’ useful idiot

New Statesman.

I begin by noting that as a member of the Socialist Society Starmer would have, unless somebody knows otherwise, opposed the Gulf War in 1991. Did he…

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