The failure of ‘levelling up’ since the 2019 election

Birmingham Against The Cuts

Today NEF published a really important piece ofresearch exposing the failure oflevelling up’ since the 2019 election. It shows howboth income and regional inequality have grown significantly.

Key findings include:

  • The incomes of half of families have fallen by an average of £110 a year
  • The richest 5% are £3,300 a year richer
  • There are 300,000 more people in poverty
  • The income gap between UK regions has widened
  • Single parents and pensioners have been hit the hardest

Torn apart, not levelled up

Worse still, things look certain to deteriorate further. We need new approaches,starting with aLiving Income, which sets anincome floor’ that ensures everyone has enough to live on in these challenging times.

Our research has already been reported by theBBC,ITV,GB News,Independent,Daily MailandYorkshire Post– but it’s vital that we keep spreading the…

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