The tribal left’s a mirror image of the tribal right

Counter Information

By Jonathan Cook

December 03, 202:Information Clearing HouseOf course, I expect a backlash every time I write. It comes with the territory. There is no point being a Bari Weiss or a David Frum and crying out against “cancel culture”. Dissension is part of the rough and tumble of a modern world in which everyone – at least, for a little longer – gets their 15 minutes of sounding off, however ignorant their opinions. There are millions of people out there on social media, and some of them seem to have pretty disturbing views.

But I don’t write just to be provocative, as some readers appear to imagine. I write to influence. Not so muchwhatwe think – though that’s a nice bonus – buthowwe go about the task of thinking.

In societies bombarded with propaganda – propaganda that gets ever more sophisticated as…

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