Can you really not live on £82K per year, MPs? Let me help

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

The double-standards of MPs – especially but by no means exclusively Tory MPs – like Romford’s Andrew Rosindell over the matter of Parliamentary sleaze has received much comment this week. Rosindell has quite explicitly warned against the potential ban on second jobs for MPs on the grounds that it can be difficult to live on eighty-two thousand pounds per year. His reasoning was that MPs are “human beings with families to support.”

Is that a good point? Well, I am rather struggling to reconcile this argument with when Universal Credit was cut by twenty pounds earlier this year. Rosindell was eagerly in favour. Are people on Universal Credit are not human beings with families to support? I would like to know what they are then. No, Daily Mail readers, not ‘scroungers.’ Most UC claimants are already in full time work. But Rosindell is reluctant to let them…

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