Jacob Rees-Mogg, in hot water over your financial affairs, are you? I have a suggestion

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by Martin Odoni

So, Jacob Rees-Mogg, probably the most repellently self-serving Member of the present Parliament, is in trouble over a series of loans he took out of such eye-watering magnitude that most people in the country cannot fit the sums into their thoughts. Over six million pounds? Seriously?

If anything tells us of how so many MPs live in a different world from the poor, and how impossible it is for some of them to see life from a pauper’s perspective, it is when you see the preposterous sums of money passing through the hands of the privileged Tory-many. But let us leave that on one side, it only causes the right wing to roll their eyes. Even the supposedly ‘charitable Christian’ ones like Rees-Mogg himself.

Tory Jesus walks among us, and yet away from us because he finds most of us unclean.

Instead, my intention is to offer…

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