Broken Britain 33: break the two-party monopoly and employ full-time MPs

Political Decisions

This website was set up in 2009 (as Political Cleanup) to raise awareness of the ‘revolving door’, rewards for failure, widespread behind-the-scene lobbying and party funding which corrupts the decision-making process here and abroad.

It is now common knowledge, with the growth of social media, that those on the ‘inside track’ are skewing parliamentary decision-making and revelations of this corruption are – sadly – now accepted as the norm.

Since December 14th 2013, individual examples of this practice have therefore no longer been listed and the site has had a wider brief.

The Conservative party is alleged to have offered a “guaranteed peerage” to “wealthy benefactors”

An investigation conducted by Open Democracy and the Sunday Times has revealed that people who take on temporary roles as party treasurer and increase donations to £3 million often secure the sought-after position in Parliament’s upper chamber. They found that over the last 20…

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