Katharine Birbalsingh, chair of Social Mobility Commission


Social mobility, the opportunity to succeed (financially or otherwise) regardless of inherited or family wealth, requires active assistance by governments.

In UK such assistance is absent and deliberately placed obstacles prevent people from attaining social mobility. 

For people in late teens/early twenties obstacles to social mobility include

  • Prohibitive cost of university education: Initial debt can be as high as £60,000 and the debt rises over time due to extortionate interest rates
  • Lack of financial support for ‘A’ level students
  • Paucity of useful apprenticeships
  • Low paid and insecure entry-level employment for school leavers
  • High rents preventing young people from moving out of parental home for work
  • Vicious regime of benefit-snatching by DWP adding to income insecurity

For people a little older their social mobility is hampered greatly by near impossibility of obtaining a mortgage to buy a house coupled with difficulty in saving money due to high cost of living, particularly…

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