Say Goodbye to the £20 Uplift,Hello Poverty


Those On Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit are in for a right jolt to the family finances.The 30th September is when the £20 uplift temporarily given is removed, despite warning it will be plunging many into poverty from cross party supporters who think it should remain, given Covid remains and is still killing many people and will leave them with long term problems.

By removing thislifeline,poverty will increase among the 6 million claimantsof Universal Credit.40percent of these claimants– over two million people -are in work.

Source TUC

“Thegovernmentjustifiesthe£20cutby sayingits focus is tomovepeople into jobs, but thismisses the point. Many of those on Universal Credit (40 percent of claimants)arealreadyin work.

2.3 million workers,manyof whichare key worker households,will be worse off as a result of the government’s plans to cut universal credit.

The working tax credit is also being cut, having also been raised by £20per weekin early 2020.Thiscut…

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