Jenrick’s conjuring trick

Thank you for hilighting what will turn out to be a public land grab by rich developers who are then able to bank that land for years denying the community use of it for years to come. We know it’s not uncommon for developers to hold onto land plots for decades.

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

“Just like that!”

Robert Jenrick made a big fuss about statues a couple of weeks ago. In a Sunday Telegraph article, he promised to save statues and street names from “town hall militants and woke worthies”. So great is the danger that he is proposing to change the law. Any attempt to remove “heritage assets”, he said, would require planning permission and a full public consultation.

The previous Saturday, the day before this article was published, Mr Jenrick’s department made a major announcement. It wasn’t about statues though. The new policy announcement is the Right to Regenerate – a proposal which would give ‘the public’ (in other words anyone) the right to force the sale of ‘underused public land’. It was couched in fluffy community language but it didn’t take long for the professionals to see through it.

From the Architects’ Journal, here’s Tim Sloan:

It doesn’t take long…

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