2.9 MILLION people registered to vote in #GE17


As the Independent revealed today, the drive to register voters for the General Election paid off hugely, with an astonishing 622,000 people registering yesterday before the midnight deadline – of which 246,000 were under 25.

ballot paper.pngThis takes the total who registered in just over one month between Theresa May’s 18 April announcement of the General Election and yesterday’s deadline to over 2.9 million, with a high proportion of those new voters below 25 years of age – and two million in the under-35 age bracket.

To put this into context, in the five months between Dec 2014 and the cut-off just before the General Election in May 2015, one million registered.

Yesterday’s total significantly outstripped the 485,000 who registered on the last day for the 2015 General Election and the 525,000 who registered on the final day for the EU referendum.

This means that we go into the 2017 General Election with well over three…

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