Sanctioned for not writing long enough sentences and new shiny windows at the Jobcentre.

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Yesterday when I arrived at the Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre I thought I was seeing things. They had taken down the paper that was covering the windows. Great I thought, the claimants will feel much more secure knowing that they can see outside now. I would have thought that they would have felt very intimidated upon entering a building that you can’t see out of. I walked. Up to the building and I noticed that they had placed some kind of reflective film on the glass, presumably so we can’t see inside. We don’t look inside anyway we are too busy helping people and handing leaflets out. My question is this. At what expense was this decision to put up reflective coatings on the glass? And who’s decision was this? Once again we come in peace and this is not needed at all.

Whilst standing outside a young woman approached…

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1 thought on “Sanctioned for not writing long enough sentences and new shiny windows at the Jobcentre.

  1. The reflective film is probably what is known as “Solar Control Film”. It is probably needed because some bozo so-called architect failed to specify the correct type of glass hence the end result was in effect a greenhouse. The correct type of glass would be Pilkington “Suncool”. Architect? Gizza job I can do that! (I am actually an OAP so I don’t need a job but these days its extremely hard to get the right staff!) Without the “Suncool” the electricity bills for the air conditioning are going to be excessive but as they say its the easiest job in the world to spend other people’s money! As to the building I would guess that a fifteen kilowatt air conditioner would do the job OK but even paying to run a fifteen kilowatt motor is no joke unlike one has a dirt-cheap electricity tariff.

    Forget the conspiracy theories, the paper and the film are just proof of incompetence.


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