Eye witness on Russian bombers: “Cameron is lying”

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s David Cameron!)

An eye witness has accused David Cameron of “lying” over his statement that two Russian bombers did not enter UK airspace.

According to comments on Facebook as well as on Twitter, Sue Bamford is adamant that she saw the two bombers over St Mawgan in Cornwall:

Cameron on the news saying the Russian never breached UK airspace – well then, mate, what the hell did Claire and I see tootling down the St Mawgan valley, and over Indian Queens??? Have Easy Jet switched to Bear Bombers? Not over the coast, but over St Eval, flying low and slow.

And in an interview with local newspaper the Plymouth Herald, Ms Bamber directly accuses Cameron of lying:

It is bizarre to hear the government publicly denying something that I witnessed with my very own eyes. I know David Cameron is lying. I saw the…

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