BBC: “no bias against loony left-wing parties like Labour and Greens”

Pride's Purge


The BBC has strongly refuted accusations that it is biased against the Labour Party and the Green Party, claiming its news coverage is impartial and features a range of voices from the far right of the political spectrum all the way over to left-wing parties such as UKIP.

In a New Year statement, the broadcaster claimed that “all parties, no matter how loony and left-wing they are, are treated just as equally by the BBC to other more sensible parties such as the Conservatives or UKIP.”

In the statement, the BBC also strongly denied political bias, pointing out that Labour had itself refused several invitations to appear on the BBC1 weekly flagship prime-time economics programme “The Enormous F*cking Mess Left Behind By Labour – How To Tackle It“.

The broadcaster also claimed the Greens had turned down an invitation to appear on a BBC production aimed at providing an in-depth look at…

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