Banksy highlights plight faced by homeless at Christmas

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A New Banksy appears in Birmingham to highlight plight faced by homeless at Christmas.
The stunning Banksy artwork in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, depicts two white reindeers and draws attention to homelessness, a huge problem most UK cities face this Christmas.

This stunning artwork is Banksy’s new creation – and it depicts a poignant message about homelessness this Christmas. The painted mural appeared today on a brick wall in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

And a video the fabled artist posted on his Instagram page tells an emotional story of a homeless man called Ryan. As Birmingham Live reports, Ryan has a drink in the footage and settles down on the bench by the wall.

The camera pans outwards and show a pair reindeers appearing to spirit him away into the star-filled sky. It is believed Banksy disguised himself as a workman to complete the installation.

Martin Clarke, a jeweller at nearby Vault 88, said: “I…

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If Boris Johnson’s wins: God help poor children

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Poverty blighted my childhood. I’m voting to help today’s cold and hungry kids. If Boris Johnson’s wins on Thursday, his government is predicted to impoverish hundreds of thousands more children. 

Courtney and brother NJ
 ‘Courtney’s family have been sleeping in coats and visiting food banks because of problems with their benefits.’ Photograph: True Vision Press/Channel 4

Last Monday, during a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary on child poverty, the UK was introduced to three remarkable young people. We met eight-year-old Courtney and watched her counting down till her family’s next universal credit payment while worrying about whether her mum would get a present from Santa. Courtney’s family have been sleeping in coats and visiting food banks because of problems with their benefits.

We met Danielle, a 15-year-old from Sudbury who lives with her mum and sister in a cramped bedsit flat, still trying to study for her GCSEs though she’s struggling with…

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