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Leicester’s Labour Council Starts 2019 With Cuts Affecting Disabled People and Those Living in Sheltered Housing

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

Despite the massive support for Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist policies within society this has not yet been reflected by the Labour Party membership’s ability to select new councillors who share Corbyn’s strong socialist convictions.

With local elections fast approaching here in Leicester, it appears that the vast majority of Leicester’s standing councillors (most of whom are opposed to Corbyn’s leadership of their party) will be representing Labour in the coming May elections.

Under Sir Peter Soulsby’s conservative leadership of the city’s Labour Group, one of the few existing Labour councillors who had publicly backed Corbyn (Cllr Lucy Chaplin) has now been deselected; while three Corbyn-supporters have been selected to stand as new Labour councillors.

However, the real socialist test for all Leicester’s Labour councillors will come after the May elections when they will come under immense pressure from Soulsby and company to adapt themselves to carrying through Tory austerity.

One might…

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