Why NHS staff who died due to insufficient PPE may never get justice

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Throughout this Covid-19 pandemic, accusations have been made by various NHS staff members countrywide that they’ve not been supplied with enough PPE to keep them safe.

We’ve had cases of: NHS doctors lacking PPE being ‘bullied’ into treating Covid-19 patients. NHS staff forced to use bin liners because of failures to supply them with enough PPE.NHS staff gagged over PPE shortages. There have even been reports of NHS staff being asked to sacrifice themselves due to a lack of PPE.

Even the coroners investigating NHS staff deaths from Covid-19 have been ordered not to consider the PPE shortfall as a factor in these deaths.

Doctors have launched a High Court challenge against the Tories over their refusal to hold a public inquiry into the PPE shortage.

With all of that in mind, we asked the Department of Health and Social Care for records of…

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Universal Credit – Threat to Self-Employed Claimants.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

ImageDWP has its finger on the Pulse.

A couple of days this was published;

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