The spitefulness of Keir Starmer takes some believing

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

Audrey White, a veteran Labour activist of many decades’ standing, made the news in the past, and has made news this week. When Keir Starmer, grand dictator of Die Arbeiterpartei, made a very half-hearted move to deliver a speech in Liverpool this week, he did so by trying not to let people outside the press know. The reason of course was that he knew that the locals would be out in force to give him the kind of welcome they once gave to Michael Heseltine. Starmer is not popular in the north-west, especially after the party HQ’s anti-democratic interference in Liverpool’s local affairs.

Audrey White found out where Starmer would be. As I say, she has a major history, including in the 1980s playing a critical role in changing the law of the land to ban sexual harassment in the workplace. So she was never…

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