An open letter to the Forde Inquiry

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by Martin Odoni

Can make even the right wing of the Labour Party look whiter than white

Good afternoon, Mr Forde & panellists

I thank you for your publication of the findings of your investigation into the Labour Party’s culture and conduct.

Referring you to page 50 of your report, I must draw your attention to the section C2.60, where you write; –

The level of allegations of antisemitism and concern of the Jewish communities [NB: WHAT IS MEANT BY ‘JEWISH COMMUNITIES’ IS NOT DEFINED] and interest of the media should have led to a major move by the leadership, the NEC and all sections of the Party to condemn and deal with signs of antisemitism in the Party. Instead there appears to have been an assertion among supporters of Jeremy Corbyn, including on the NEC and amongst the membership, that the issue was being exaggerated to undermine…

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