If Labour doesn’t support workers defending their living standards, “…you wonder what the purpose of the Party is”

Labour Hub

By Martin Wicks

“Labour must support those fighting to defend their living standards when, in effect, they face a pay cut of up to 10% – if it doesn’t, you wonder what the purpose of the Party is.” – John Cruddas, MP

On the morning after the Wakefield by-election, Keir Starmer declared that Labour was “on the side of the workers”. How can anybody take that seriously, when he instructed – no democratic discussion under his regime – Shadow Cabinet members and Parliamentary Private Secretaries not to attend RMT picket lines? He wasn’t even ‘sitting on the fence’: he declared that the Party opposed the strikes. How can the Party be ‘a united Party’ when he acts in such a high-handed way against all the instincts of the membership? Having issued the edict, he is obliged to take action against those who defied it, or else he will be denounced…

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