Corbyn Suspended for Telling the Truth in 2020 and Labour MPs Warned to Avoid Trade Union Picket Lines in 2022 – A New Socialist Party is Required

A Time To Rage

Jeremy Corbyn Frightened the Millionaires and Billionaires who form the British Establishment

An exclusive interview with Jeremy Corbyn was published last week (22nd June) by the outstanding investigative journalism website founded in 2019 called Declassified UK I implore you to read this interview. It is informative, educational, inspirational, engaging, enraging, and thoroughly researched all in one package. If you are remotely interested in the anatomy of Britain, the inner workings of the British state and how important relations with the rogue states of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel are to the British Establishment read and absorb this interview. It should become essential reading in every school, college, and educational institution serious about explaining how so-called democratic Britain works.

The introductory headlines set the scene for an insight into real foreign interference in UK General Elections; the shameful hold the arms industry has within the British…

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