The failures of Boris Johnson – from Prorogation to Partygate.


The 2019 Conservative Party leadership contest saw Boris Johnson emerge as the winner, a year after he resigned as Foreign Secretary – in a disagreement with Cabinet colleagues over Brexit strategy. Johnson was appointed Prime Minister by Elizabeth II on July 24, having given an untested assurance that he commanded a majority in the House of Commons. Johnson was widely distrusted, due to his serial dishonesty and incompetence, plus racist, sexist, and homophobic comments. May had failed to deliver an exit from the EU, more than three years after the referendum, but Johnson claimed departure would happen on October 31, a date just over three months away.

In August, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Leader of the House of Commons, obtained agreement from the monarch to prorogue Parliament, for five weeks, leading up to a planned Queen’s Speech in mid-October. It was generally believed that Johnson and…

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