Tory cost of living crisis

Great post and so true.
It’s depressing just how many people fail to see this fact.


Cost of living crisis is exploitative capitalists stealing money

Capitalists, particularly owners of supply of necessities, exploit as much as they are able or allowed to.  They accept no boundaries to their wealth grabbing.

Food, fuel, housing, transport and healthcare are necessary; it is not an option to avoid them.  Their producers and suppliers can guarantee whatever riches they desire for themselves if no restrictions or control are applied by laws, regulations and rules.  Ownership of vital services attracts the worst capitalist exploiters.  Most are offshore businesses that exist in a detached world and that perceive humanity as a source of wealth and nothing more.

The cost of necessary services and products to the user is much greater than actual cost.  It is not anomalous that businesses’ profits increase when their products and services become more expensive – they are the same actions.  Fifty percent rises for domestic electricity and…

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