Broken Britain 39:  the British government accepts the nuclear first use policy  

Political Decisions

Rae Street, a tireless campaigner for peace and freedom from the threat of nuclear weapons, recently wroteFrom the start NATO has had a policy of holding nuclear weapons and a policy of first use of nuclear weapons. 

A shocked reader searched for verification. She found out that not only do the United States and NATO refuse to adopt a no first use policy, but until 1967 they maintained a nuclear doctrine of “massive retaliation” in which nuclear weapons would explicitly be used to defend North America or Western Europe against a conventional attack. See  “NATO’s Nuclear Weapons: The Rationale for ‘No First Use’ | Arms Control Association”.

One would expect that the first use of nuclear weapons would be contrary to international law – and a search leads to the UN General Assembly’s General Assembly Resolution 1653 (1961)  (page 2)

Declaration on the prohibition of…

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