Local Tory Leader Quits Because of Tory Funding Cuts

Thoughts of a Leicester Socialist

Last week, Rutland’s Conservative leader, Councillor Oliver Hemsley, announced that he was quitting the Tories because of Government cuts to local authority funding. With year-on-year increases in Council Tax he said:

“The position we find ourselves in over Council Tax has been years in the making. We’ve had inequalities that have been compounded year on year and even though Government has been asked to look at this we have been ignored, side-lined and given no further improvements in our spending power.

“There are one-off fundings that appear and often are heralded as additional funding but are ring-fenced, repurposed, or borrowed from another budget. This is not nor can be a solution for the long term.” (Leicester Mercury, May 6)

The confused Tory leader evidently never realized that the Tories have always stood for socialism for the rich and austerity for everyone else. This stands in stark contrasts to…

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