Government gives KPMG contracts worth millions, despite its repeated fines for serious misconduct and audit failures

Political Decisions

 Yesterday the FT reported that one of the ‘Big Four’ accountants, KPMG, whose conduct is still under review by the Cabinet office, has been awarded millions of pounds of UK government contracts – even though in December last year it had pledged to stop bidding temporarily for public sector work after it was threatened with a ban over its involvement in a series of corporate scandals.

It has form

In 2013 seven senior members of the FRC scheduled to investigate KPMG’s role in the collapse of lender HBOS, were current or former employees of KPMG itself (left). Four years later,  KPMG featured in another ‘revolving door’ charge when Mark Britnell, a former director-general of commissioning at the Department of Health who became global head of healthcare at KPMG, which bids for government health contracts.

A 2018 report from Professor Prem Sikka, Professor of Accounting at University of Sheffield, recorded…

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