Has Neo-Liberalism met its demise?  

And another thing...

“Hello…Is Rishi Sunak home?”…

Here in the UK, the Government is an unholy alliance of: 

1.Neo-Liberals who think that the state should work for big business and outsource everything they do for profit.

2. Any Randians who hate the state full stop and want everyone to be self-reliant and sink or swim as nature dictates.

3. Weathercocks who don’t really care as long as they get to walk through the door and wallow in the trough of financial benefits being a party MP for the Government brings.

4. Useful Idiots who really don’t seem to understand much but go along for the ride

*John Redwood comes to mind. A man who wrote in his blog that the Government can create money without borrowing, or creating inflation. He then wrote on Twitter, the Government has borrowed too much money and needs to pay it back*

The Cost-of-Living Crisis we see in…

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