DWP’s Sleight of Hand -Managed Migration

Very scary times ahead for the most disabled of us.

Why don’t these Fucking Tories just just line us up against a wall and shout FIRE!!
At least it will be a more open and direct way to kill us off rather than the quiet behind-the -scenes way they’ve done since 2010!


Well finally the DWP announced that Draft Legislation for ‘Managed Migration’ was released today for the remaining legacy claimants to be transferred to Universal Credit later this year. While much of these may yet change with the debate that may ensue to pass this one of the things that immediately jumped out for those who claim ESA was the following :

“Regulation 6 ensures that a reassessment from Limited Capability for Work (LCW)
to Limited Capability for Work-related Activity (LCWRA) is treated as an increase in
the claimant’s health related addition, therefore reducing any Transitional Protection
(TP) by the amount of the difference between the LCW and the LCWRA, rather than
treating it as a separate new payment which would reduce TP by the full amount.”

There are many other changes that need clarifying once passed as these amendments may be altered between now and being debated in the House…

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