Leaving is such sweet sorrow…Well not really

And another thing...

I’m leaving Twitter. Hurrah! I can hear the cheers from the front row.

“Go on. Piss off you old bastard”…

After 7 years, it’s time to go. It hasn’t really worked out as I hoped…

Years ago, I watched a film about a school children who lived in a world where the sun only came out once a year, or every few years – I can’t remember exactly and it doesn’t really matter – The point being, these kids lived their lives in a world of grey, oppressive cloud 24/7, except for that one day when the sun came out and they basked in the light and warmth before the clouds came bringing their gloom.

For me, Corbyn becoming leader of the Labour Party – and that joyous 4  plus years – where at last someone was offering a genuine alternative to what we had endured for decades – was…

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