The British government should outlaw the manufacture and export of banned chemicals

Political Decisions

Widespread grief is felt at the news of death and destruction in Ukraine but the media gives little coverage of deaths and injuries inflicted by certain agrochemicals, keeping the public in ignorance. 


A section of the Syngenta plant in Huddersfield that produces and exports a banned weed killer

The most recent news of damaging corporate activity was recorded in a Times article, ‘Britain selling death-risk pesticides around world despite ban at home’.

This news has also been published on a wide range of campaigning websites. All report that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which regulates UK exports of prohibited chemicals, has confirmed that in 2020, British exporters shipped pesticide products overseas containing 12,240 tonnes of chemicals banned for use in British fields.

The New York Timesasks why paraquat, though prohibited in Britain, is still being exported, explaining: “Paraquat, one of many pesticides that can’t be used in…

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