Why I’m Hoping Jeremy Corbyn Launches A New Party

Corbyn was besieged with requests to create a new socialist party when he was suspended and when he set up the Peace and Justice Project and he ignored those pleas.
If he had of created a real left wing party I firmly believe we’d be leading the polls by now, especially considering the platform of policies we espoused in the 2017/2019 manifesto’s.
Unfortunately he’s missed his chance and disappointed millions of us in the process.
I left Labour when Starmer stole the Leadership with his blatant lies and joined Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project in the hope he’d give us a real alternative to the Tory (far right) Party and the Labour (Tory Light) party.
After a year of hope I left the P&J Project disappointed in Jeremy for his lack of ambition.
Whilst I can appreciate at his age he wants to avoid the stress and angst being party leader would bring, the hopes and dreams of millions upon millions of people believing in his vision for our country would have carried him into No10 on a landslide.
He had that responsibility to serve as our Prime Minister and he’s let us all down in my opinion.

Turning the Tide

(First published in the Morning Star)

Yesterday, twitter was awash with rumours about Jeremy Corbyn – specifically that he might be considering taking the plunge to from a new political party having accepted that he will never be reinstated as a Labour MP. The fact this was first reported in the Telegraph led to understandable accusations of mischief making. However, the overwhelming response on the left (and from some on the right hoping for a split Labour vote) was, ‘I bloody hope this is true!’ That was my response too.

I’m done with being Ms negativity. I’m done with spending 99% of my political activism aimed at attacking rather than promoting. And I’m not alone. For 5 years, we had a vision to fight for. It is devastating emotionally and mentally to go from that to absolutely no hope at all. Going round saying, plague on all their houses, might…

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