Memorial action Friday — DAN Disabled People’s Direct Action Network


Disabled People's Direct Action Network logo.  Wheelchair user icon with arms raised, breaking chains.  Slogan: Our lives are not disposable.
DAN — our lives are not disposable!

DAN Memorial Action — press release from DAN:


Press conference at 14:45 pm

Outside department for health and social care.


Following the release of the BBC docu-drama ‘Then Barbara met Alan”, due to be screened on 21/03/2022 based on the real life formation of the Disabled People’s Direct Action Network (DAN), 14 years after our last action, we will be conducting a reunion FREE OUR PEOPLE action.

DAN will ask “What has really changed in the last 30 years?”

We are angry and dismayed at the ongoing hostile environment for disabled and other marginalised people.

Going on Government figures that are nearly a year old now, nearly 100,000 disabled people have died during the last two years due to Covid and and roughly another 100,000 due to related deficiencies in health and social care.

DAN, WinVisible and friends will…

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