Covid restrictions are all removed. Covid hospitalisations are surging. Apparently this is a ‘mystery’

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by Martin Odoni

Call me a snob if you want, I no longer care. But sometimes I feel like the real pandemic afflicting the UK – mostly England – for the last few years has not been SARS-Cov2/Covid-19, but insanity. I further fear that I am one of a tiny minority who has yet to catch it.

In the face of the astonishingly brazen attitude across the country that “The Pandemic is over”, I routinely find myself the only person aboard buses and trams who still bothers to wear a facemask. I never see anyone outdoors bothering to try and maintain social distancing.

With the last of the Covid restrictions lifted in England over the first quarter of the year, what do we think the effect has been?

Well, blow me down with a puff of dust. It turns out that Covid-related hospitalisations in England are flying upwards…

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