Crippen: Fleur and Doug go once more unto the breach

Crippen Cartoons

Following on from my last Blog when I expressed concerns about Johnson’s decision to scrap all Covid restrictions, I heard that our good friends disabled activists Doug Paulley and Fleur Perry are once again set to take legal action against the government about this very issue.

Doug Paulley and Fleur Perry 2022

Since the start of the pandemicDoug and Fleur, who are both considered to be clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) to the virus, have spent most of their time shielding and restricting their outdoor visits to necessary GP and hospital appointments only. Also, like many of us they’ve not had close contact with family and friends but relied upon video conferencing to stay in touch.

Talking to Disability News Service Fleur believes the government’s decision to end the self-isolation requirement for those with Covid will further restrict her life, as there are likely to be many Covid-positive people sharing…

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