BDS: Daniel Korski


Former Special Adviser to David Cameron when the latter was prime minister Daniel Korski has many jobs one of which is cheerleader for Tory ministers.  He is keen to publish his admiration for the nonsense and destruction performed by all the tōraidhe.  It matters not how inept, laughable, dishonest, lazy or maleficent any member of Johnson’s cabinet behaved.  Any and all receive a cheery published message of support and praise from Korski written in a forced unnatural style.

Even libertarian incognizant Liz Truss, who spent most of 2021 signing disastrous one-sided international trade deals in Britain’s disservice, was a recipient of his kind words.  His assessment of her pre-war visit to Moscow to speak at Sergei Lavrov differed from the consensus view on her performance.

I’m not sure I get all the hot takes on the Truss/Lavrov meeting.  It looks to me like the British Foreign Secretary was clear…

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