Sir Keir Starmer QC likes to wax lyrical about his Dad having been a toolmaker back in the day, but he is not very concerned about living toolmakers in 2022 …

The ramblings of a former DWP Civil Servant ...

I have a confession to make, despite being from the same class background as Sir Keir Starmer QC and having subbed a fair few chaps to toolmaker jobs back in the day, I had to look up toolmaking as an occupation.

I was pleasantly surprised back in 2008 to learn that the United Kingdom was a big exporter of precision machine tools to Germany.

And, despite a fall off in trade for a while, has remained so until recently.

Hard Brexit, however, has made it hard for German companies to source machine tools from the UK and they are now looking elsewhere within the Single Market for manufacturers suppliers.

Sir Keir Starmer QC whilst pledging a revival in British manufacturing, it is not actually the basket case he and his advisers seem to believe it to be, is adamant the Labour Party will never contemplate seeking to join the Singleā€¦

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