Crippen looks at the double edged sword of freedom

Crippen Cartoons

With all restrictions being lifted with regard to the coronavirus pandemic and Boris Johnson claiming that he’s “finally giving people back their freedom” we are once again seeing this government having a completer disregard for those of us with a health condition that means if we do catch the covid virus, even this so called ‘mild’ variant, it will probably mean the end of our lives.

Freedom Cartoon 2022

How many of us have remained indoors as much as possible, only venturing out double masked and when there are less people around, restricting our contact with family and friends to video calls and doing almost all of our shopping online? We don’t do this because we have a secret hermit fetish or because we actually don’t like mixing with other people. We have had to take these precautions because if we hadn’t, and we caught the virus, then we would…

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