We Never Wanted War with Russia over Ukraine! by Mary Beaudoin

Rise Up Times

“There is danger in provocation over Ukraine with nuclear powers involved. Our country needs to act diplomatically, in cooperation with the other nations.”

By Mary Beaudoin  Women Against Military Madness Newsletter
Vol. 40  No. 1  Winter 2020

Are we really expected to believe that sending weapons and soldiers across the Atlantic Ocean and deep into Eastern Europe is for peace and security? And that this is a good way to spend our national treasure? What benefit do the American people get from the nonpartisan congressional delegation – which included Minnesota’s Senator Amy Klobuchar (a repeat of 2016 ) – escalating tensions by going to Ukraine to back threats against Russia?[i]


It’s madness for our nuclear-armed nation to threaten another nuclear-armed nation on its borders, far from our shores. Shouldn’t we consider it reasonable, then, when the president of Russia asks, “How would Americans feel if we put…

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