Crippen challenges the status quo’s convenient categories

Crippen Cartoons

An article caught my eye the other day which reported on a bill passing through parliament to ensure people with Down’s syndrome, and their families, are given proper support by local authorities.

Down’s Syndrome Bill 2022

Sounds great doesn’t it? I mean, what can possibly be wrong with MPs coming together from both sides of the House to support such a bill? But let’s take another look at this shall we. Having been campaigning for decades to get what are essentially our basic human rights, and constantly challenging societies perception of us when looked at through their medical model bias, isn’t this just another example of maintaining their status quo?

What next, a bill for people with cerebral palsy, then a bill for people with restricted growth? Then a bill … well, you get my point. Why can’t there be a bill that provides a level playing field for ALL…

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