Peoples Alliance of the Left?


This morning, in linking the #PeoplesAllianceOfTheLeft hashtag to the popular #SocialistSunday hashtag, one comrade took me to task, sending me a handful of tweets which I disagree with strongly. Since I’m sure the misgivings he’s expressed are shared by some – potentially a majority, of the 150,000 socialists who Rachel Reeves says she’s glad to see the back of -, rather than focus all my responses on this one comrade, I’ll blog, not instead of, but in addition to, tweeting to my Twitter followers and everyone else who might be interested. This is my first non-Twitter response.

James’s response is problematic, to say the least. Let’s begin with, his targeting of #TUSC, implying that they are a problem, raising the question of whether or not he is echoing Neil Kinnock, the Labour leader who witch hunted Dave Nellist, and many other high profile socialists, out of the Labour Party in…

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