Another Spoof Music Video! Keir Starmer as Daft Punk

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This comes from another group making spoof videos using carefully edited clips of politicos and others public figures who deserve everything this get. This time it’s the Iain Duncan Smiths, who cave produced this video of Keir Starmer singing like Daft Punk. The lyrics are just apparently random words mixed in with his own buzzwords like ‘Jobs’, ‘Work’ ‘Safer’, ‘Better’, ‘families’, ‘communities’, ‘focus grouper’, ‘Polling’, ‘business favours’, Stonger, and ‘Britain in the world forever’. I’ve done a lot on the Tories. Now its their Labour entryist’s turn.

It looks like this was made in response to one of Starmer’s party political puff pieces in which he said nothing substantial whatsoever. Pretty much like the line in the Scottish play where MacBeth says, ‘It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’

The best comment about this is from an individual who says, ‘Bring back…

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