Do socialists want riots?


Yesterday, one of the best socialist accounts on Twitter – and there are a lot of contenders – tweeted this: “Why aren’t we rioting? Think it’s time we learnt from the French.”

As soon as I saw that I decided to tweet critical comments, but his retweets and likes just kept growing, and most of the other comments were far from critical. So, since I got barely any positive feedback for what I tweeted, I’m going to try a lengthier, more in depth response. Here goes….

I want to begin by reiterating what I said yesterday, and that is if the tweet was intended as black humour, while I’d cast doubt on whether it would be interpreted as such by all socialists, and it most certainly would not be interpreted that way by the Tories, by the police, by judges, potential jury members and possibly also by the high command…

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