Universal Credit win vs DWP on severe disability premiums and disabled child addition


Supporters of the disabled claimants at the High Court when the legal challenge started

Disabled claimants forced to move onto Universal Credit have won their legal challenge against loss of the full severe disability premium amount again, and also disabled child element.

The solicitors Leigh Day said:

In a scathing judgment handed down [on 21 January], the DWP is found to have discriminated against [the claimants TP and AR] when it didn’t compensate them the full circa £180 a month difference in the payments they received on legacy benefits and the payments they received on UC when they moved into an area where UC had already been rolled out.

According to the DWP, in evidence it gave to the court when defending the judicial review claim, the ruling will affect up to 50,000 people and will involve sums of up to £150 million over a six-year period to…

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