1st Feb 20022

Todays debate on Disability Assessments In Westminster Hall brought by Marsha de Cordova was a feisty in as much as, one after another MP’s across the political divides highlighted failings within the system. Marsha quoted some recent deaths as did Andy McDonald the Middlesbrough MP, and Debbie Abrahams and others cited failures which caused harm to claimants and asked for a National Inquiry into the many deaths that have happened during the last 11years. It was common knowledge that MP’s around the country have claimants asking for help due to DWP failures, and is now the mainstay of their constituency case loads, when people have been systemically failed by a system that supposed to help them in their times of need.


I pay tribute to the tens of thousands of disabled people who have been victims of the cruel and callous assessments for the employment and…

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