Crippen joins in the cry for Gov to tear up its Disability Strategy

Crippen Cartoons

Despite the government’s works and pensions secretary Therese Coffee continuing to argue that last year’s disability survey was not a consultation but was just an information-gathering exercise, designed only to gather data about the lives of disabled people, she’s now been made to eat her words by the high court!

Tear it up cartoon by Crippen 2022

In an action brought by disabled campaigners, the high courtfound that not only was it a consultation but that it was an unlawful consultation, because the thousands of disabled people who took part were not given enough information about the government’s proposed strategy to allow them “intelligent consideration and response”. And because the court has found that the consultation was unlawful, then so is the strategy,which was published last July.

Disabled campaigners are now calling on the government to tear up its “fundamentally broken” National Disability Strategy after the high…

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