Boris johnson’s Bulkshit legacy

Pin Prick

Bulkshit: (noun) political chaos; situation in which everything has become unremittingly awful.

Forget ‘omnishambles’ we are now living in the era of ‘bulkshit‘.

You don’t need to come here to learn what bulkshit means. Open your eyes and look about you people – it is everywhere.

Bulkshit is the new (Sue) Gray.

And its origins can be found in that old favourite – Brexit. A wholly unneccessary, obviously destructive, political decision, foisted on this country by a bunch of nationalist wingnuts, harking after a Spitfire-neverland and a bunch of Machiavellian fellow travellers, who thought it might get them the throne (spoiler it did). Millions of Britons were essentially duped into backing something that could only do them harm while a bunch of rich enablers grew powerful off the back of it.

The referendum unleashed years of misery on the nation but the worst bit is – it’s…

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