Movements of Resistance and the Labour Left to come together to say #JohnsonOut – Resist the Tory Offensive

Labour Hub

The Arise Festival Volunteer Team bring together some of the thoughts of key participants in a major event on January 29th.

Anger is rising every day at Boris Johnson and the Tories. Their corruption, deceit and hypocrisy know no bounds as they continue a disastrous mishandling of the pandemic which has led to over 175,000 deaths and oversee a deepening cost-of-living crisis.

And what is their response to this growing anger and unpopularity? To further entrench a hard right-wing agenda in terms of attacking our health, rights, jobs and livelihoods. As Richard Burgon MP said this week, “Every day we see another disgraceful development when it comes to the Tories’ rule-breaking and hypocrisy. Every week we see them ram through yet more reactionary measures – from their anti-protest Police Bill to cuts to Universal Credit.”

In this context, thousands of people from across Britain have signed up for a major…

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