Letter To My MP About No 10 Drinks Party

Same Difference

Following on from Rory Kinnear’s heartbreaking article published in the post above, I thought I would share the letter I recently wrote to my MP about ‘that’ drinks party.

I am a physically disabled woman. When Corona hit in 2020, I locked down completely. I lost five months of physiotherapy between April 2020 and January 2021 across two lockdowns as the committed, caring health professionals who have provided me with lifesaving physiotherapy since birth also locked down completely, putting the health of their patients above everything else. I believe I lost physical abilities as a direct result of this, which are only now slowly returning, thankfully, after a year of continuous appointments.

On a personal level, I stopped visiting my father who is a pensioner and also locked down completely, requesting me not to even enter his home, in which he lives alone, for the first three months of lockdown…

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